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Programme for 29 May 2006

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A popup site map is available. You can also have a look at what we had on offer in 2003, 2004, and 2005, as well as our current programme.

World Music Stage

Powered by CraigPower and Zia Solar, KGF regulars and festival favourites - Zia provide a power punch to drive the day (with a little help from the sun and wind!)

  • 12:15 - 3 Daft Monkeys This innovative and exciting band combine rousing vocals, frenetic fiddling, rhythmical 12-string guitar, dancing bass and foot drum. Whether it's Celtic, Balkan, Gypsy, Latino, Cornish or other World Music you are drawn to, you will hear it's influences in their self written music. Add to this the band's varied backgrounds from Dance, Dub, Punk, Reggae and Traditional Folk, and you have a stunning combination. It's quirky, it's groovy, it's fun ... we dare you not to dance!!
  • 13:35 - Way Out West All Stars a collective of nationally and internationally known jazz musicians
  • 15:20 - Pete Ardron's Orchid-Star is Pete's first live project since the last Glow gigs in 2000. Orchid-Star debuted at Planet Angel in February with Myo on vocals, Onyx Ashanti from SoulIISoul on wind-synth, Pierre Luigi on guitar and bass, Bagz & Jon Tubmen on percussion, Pete on keyboards and Diane Everitt dancing (also from Glow, like Myo and Bagz).
  • 17:00 - Kasai Masai Masters of Congolese ancestral music, Kasaļ Masaļ brings us the Traditional Sound of the most remote equatorial villages with a Urban Twist. The band is a 6 piece outfit, consisting of d'jembe, guitar, saxophone, bass, drum and MC. An infectious funky soukous sound.
  • 18:45 - Pama International a soul-injected ska, rocksteady & dub sensation for the 21st century. Fronted by long-time musical cohorts Finny & Sean Flowerdew (The Loafers, Special Beat, Skooby & Skanga) Pama boast an all-star collective including The Specials' Lynval Golding, Madness' Lee Thompson alongside members from Galliano, Bentley Rhythm Ace, Steel Pulse, Style Council & Pop Will Eat Itself. At the controls will be Dub legend Nick Mannaseh.

Tadpole Stage

Powered by Coltek unique and inventive DIY power and lighting systems

  • 12:00 - Daddy Rabbit Young Rockers from Grey Court School Band Academy.
  • 13:00 - Horizon 22 Making a welcome return to the Green Fair, Horizon 22 are a funky, Hammond-led jazz and blues quartet from south London. Acclaimed by Time Out, Jazzwise, and BBC6 Music, they feature Paul Strange (Hammond), Martin Slade (guitar), Shura Greenberg (double bass) and Nik Downing (drums).
  • 14:15 - Monkey Trip Monkeytrip are a six-piece band from London. With influences ranging from 60's bands such as Small Faces, The Creation, The Who and The Seeds, through to the likes of The Stone Roses, The Charlatans and Primal Scream. Live is where the band excel. With the tightest of rhythm sections, the swirling hammond and piano sounds pitching in.
  • 15:30 - Size 9 A five piece band from South London, who blend funk, soul, latin, reggae and drum n bass to form their own unique sound. The freshest most important sounds currently being played in the UK.
  • 17:00 - Step 13 Drum bass and dub psychadelia - A live spectacular.
  • 18:30 - Nik Turner's Galacticos One-time Hawkwind member Nick Turner heads this fluid unit, working with a pool of exciting musicians - african and cuban percussionist / multi-instrumentalists.

Mandala Stage

Run by 24th Century Productions connect bands and stagecraft to multimedia projects.The wonderful Mandala Stage incorporates Dr. Barnett's Amazing Audio-Cyclonator (a bicycle-powered sound system).

  • 12:00 - Tony Voller is a singer-songwriter with a history stretching back to the 80's and 90's, when he was a founder of bands Covenant and Groundswell, with whose members he still collaborates today. Accompanying himself on an acoustic guitar, he sings self-penned bitter-sweet songs of love & loss, as well as sliding in a few covers, such as He'd Be A Diamond by The Bevis Frond.
  • 12:45 - Altered Native Folk Rock / lyrical / poetical / space dub / ska / folkism / glastafarii.
  • 13:45 - James Chadwick An accomplished singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Lovely, fully formed songs, rich singing and really sharp guitar playing. A bit like Nick Drake meets Nic Jones...
  • 14:45 - Kate Garret Band Singer, guitarist and songwriter produces evocative music that is complex, unsettling and deeply beautiful. A sensual overload of fluid vocals, driving acoustic guitar, textured percussion and cello that flies effortlessly between graceful melodic lines and sonic anarchy.
  • 16:15 - Alice McLaughlin Soaring melodies, poignant lyrics and unbounded imagination.
  • 17:20 - Green Ray London based jam band, featuring original members from Help Yourself. Often compared to West Coast U.S. music, the band include Barry Melton frontman from Woodstock legends Country Joe and the Fish. A great live experience, not to be missed.
  • 19:00 - The Pyramids of SNAFU are an established festival rock band combining violin, guitar and keyboards to create a high energy yet melodic sound. The Pyramids will be joined by surprise special guests from a previous incarnation of the band.

Temple of Peace Stage

Live PA and renewable power trailer from Alan Turnball, ambient dance DJing and decor by Liquid Records.

  • 11:30 - Kindred Spirit Electrifying, contemporary folk / rock band haunting vocals, powerful songs, scorching electric violin and extraordinary flute.
  • 13:00 - Sera Rabbett Songs powerfully delivered and thought provoking.
  • 14:00 - Snap Dragon Dance Bring dance out of the theatre and into the open, into the public's minds, hearts and imaginations.
  • 14:30 - Luna Lis Blissful goddess grooves and contemporary chill DJ set.
  • 15:30 - Tukriyatu Brazilian jazz world music.
  • 16:30 - Brody and Quint Vocal harmonies guitar and cello. Wispful and engaging alt/folk.
  • 17:00 - Tom Fu Ethnic global grooves DJ set with a touch of dubby psychedlia.
  • 18:30 - Liquid Djems DJ set with a unique fusion of organic electronica and deep pulsating psy dub / breaks.

Healing Area

The theme for the Healing Area for this year is "Peace in Action" and will feature different opportunities for us to become more peace-full and loving in our daily lives, whether it's waking up our bodies with relaxing yoga or opening up our loving hearts; listening to constructive talks on how to open our bodies to a blissful state; learning to be more forgiving in our lives; how to communicate more lovingly; tuning in to our angels; blissing out to the peace-full vibrations of sound healing; watching some lovely sacred Indian dance, or the amazingly uplifting music of our headlining act Bliss and other inspiring musicians such as Tukriyatu.

The space will feature many wonderful soothing healers/therapists, a sacred goddess temple for workshops and quiet contemplation, as well as the Virtuescope Game. We will also be hosting the Hiroshima Peace Flame in the Heart Garden which was lit from the fires of the Hiroshima bomb over 60 years ago and has become a symbol of peace ever since.

Sacred Dance, Sacred Sound

Brought to you in collaboration with Sangita Sounds, this peaceful performance space will weave together various forms of music, dance and song to celebrate the sacred aspects of contemporary living.

  • 11:00 - Opening ceremony by Ashera Hart and the Goddess Temple.
  • 11:15 - Open your heart by Cate Mackenzie. This is a talk and workshop involving some movement and meditation. This is an opportunity to listen to your heart and become more open to that joyful, loving place inside you. This is a chance to connect with your dreams, to soften a little and to see if you can allow them to come true. A truly magical journey into your own heart-space. You will feel glad you came.

    Cate Mackenzie is a life-coach and workshop leader running workshops in the community and in mainstream settings. She is the movement and drama tutor for the Bromley By Bow Centre and regularly runs her Open Your Heart and Goddess workshops there and for Alternatives, Mind Body Spirit and Cortijo Romero. She has been running workshops since 1993 and has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Harpers and Queen and Radio 5 live. She is passionate about helping people to live a heart-centred life and to making their dreams come true.
  • 11:45 - Forgiveness through meditation by Lucinda Drayton from Bliss - see below for details.
  • 12:30 - Opening your body to bliss - Rebirthing by Marianne Friend.
  • 13:00 - Yoga by Jacqueline Purnell.
  • 13:45 - Meditative tabla by Ajit Pandaye.
  • 14:15 - A language of the Heart - non violent communication by Amola Hipwood, a human being who wishes to speak from her heart in a natural fluid way in every moment and whose only intention is to create connection with every other being.
  • 15:00 - Senegalese Kora duet - African harp played by Kadialy Kouyate, and Paraguayan harp played by Kike Pederson.
  • 15:30 - Solfeggio tuning forks by Ashera Hart. Ashera is a singer/channeller (who sings in tongues), has 20 years' experience and has studied the healing power of sound with visionaries such as Jonathan Goldman and Chloe Goodchild. Her cutting-edge debut album, "In our Mother's Tongue", harnesses the research of Fabien Maman to harmonise your body and reconnect you to the Earth and it has also had the Pi and Phi geometric ratios added by a new invention called the Pyramid Processor. At KGF, Ashera will be singing with tuning forks tuned to the solfeggio/Gregorian scale which help re-tune us to the cosmos and the Earth.
  • 16:00 - Bharanatyam Indian Dance by Sarra Shivaloka.
  • 16:45 - Sound journey with gongs and crystal bowls by WorldWideWave, bringing sound healing into the world of performance & creating further awakenings of the soul. Ritual sound journeys carry transmissions of sacred teachings - integrating the harmonic tones of many ethnic traditions & their religious or shamanic practices. A sonic journey invokes a remembering that transcends the illusion of time & our three dimensional reality. Experience peace, calm & clarity ­ receive the blessing & surrender to the realisation of our magnificence in this moment. Lay back & get comfy. Listen with every cell of your body. Welcome each vibration with your skin.... and let the frequencies dance your spirit alive!
  • 17:45 - Tukriyatu by Thyagi Ryan.
  • 18:30 - Bliss, who are Lucinda Drayton and Andrew Blissett. Together they make up one of the most exciting and creative musical partnerships in the UK today. Both have been practicing Yogis for 10 years and it is this way of life that gives their work authenticity and power. Bliss music has been used by many to see them through stressful times; to help them in healing illnesses and to uplift them during times of grief or loss.
  • 19:45 - Closing ceremony by Ashera Hart and The Goddess Temple.

The Goddess Temple

In collaboration with the London Goddess Temple, this space is being created to honour the Goddess, the divine feminine within us all, which includes the qualities of compassion and love. Various lovely priestesses will be creating a calming atmosphere for quiet contemplation and welcoming the public into this specially-decorated and honoured sacred space situated in the Healing Area.

  • 11:00 - Opening ritual by all goddesses.
  • 12:00 - Connect-Arte - a workshop led by Dela Victoria. Start or strengthen the most important relationship you can have: with the Artist / Magician / Spirit within. Empower it, and give it the space love and support She/He deserves. Together we will generate a safe and sacred space to became present and relaxed, then through ritual and visualization connect with our artistic identity and allow it to create an object of power. Dela is a practicing Artist with an MA in Fine Art and a qualification in teaching adults who also practices yoga, dancing, and meditation.
  • 13:30 - Goddess Time - a talk about the Mayan 13 Moon Calendar by Kwalilox.
  • 14:00 - Open your heart by Cate Mackenzie. See above for details.
  • 15:00 - Goddess Tara meditation by Roma Norris.
  • 16:00 - Tuning into your angels workshop by Jemma Lerner.
  • 17:00 - Enter the Goddess by Cate Mackenzie. An earthy talk and workshop to help you feel grounded and connected to mother earth and to your own sense of power and confidence. We will meditate and dance and connect with your sense of feeling your most fabulous Goddessy self. This is open to men and women.
  • 18:00 - Free space for quiet contemplation; honour the Goddess in your own way.
  • 18:45 - Sing from the heart! led by Theresa and Kwalilox. Honour the Goddess and celebrate her presence in you through the divine vibration of song.
  • 19:30 - Closing ceremony by all goddesses.

Debating Tent

In the current global upheavals, the Speakers Forum is essential in the facilitating dialogue between disparate groups.

  • 13:00 - Aaron Perry, Trustee and youth representative of Save the World Club, will speak about his work at the charity.
  • 14:00 - Gita Patel will speak about the Kingston Women's Refuge.
  • 15:00 - Capitalism or a Habitable Planet, a debate with Derek Wall of the Green Party and Adam Buik of the Socialist Party.
  • 16:00 - Liz Davies of Iraq Occupation Focus will speak about the campaign to end the occupation of Iraq.
  • 17:00 - Phil Thornhill will talk about the Campaign Against Climate Change.

Green Home Exhibition

For details about this showcase of green, ethical and ecological products, please see our Green Home page.

Activities For Kids

There are plenty of attractions all over the site that will be of interest to families and children alike. Entertainment, Creativity and plenty of Environmental Education will be found in all the areas. We also have some very special spaces just for the Kids.

  • Parachute Theatre Company - regulars at the Fair, ever popular and puppeteering superstars!
  • Jan's Blackboard Van - unique and creative graffiti galore.
  • Theatre Des Bicyclettes - comedy and clowning from Robbo the Clown and Jetset Jackie.
  • Dr Palfi - incomprehensible and incurable nonsense and anarchic clowning.
  • PeteZa - the wacky world of crazy children's entertainment.
  • Clown Furry Foot - noisy and loveable children's clowning.
  • Crafts and dressing up ready for the parade... presented by the Swarm team from Brighton and Ladybird Crafts.
  • Maxifire the itinerant juggler extarordinaire, fresh from travelling the world performing sensational street shows.
  • Toddlers play area for the little ones.
  • Circus skills have a go activities provided by Trickswop from Brighton.
  • Cycle circus (crazy bikes, unicycles and trick cycles) activities from BigTopMania
  • Acrobatics workshops from Yogo of Brighton's Crowzone team.
  • Face painting with the team form London's Lets Face It team
  • Learn to play an instrument with the Surrey Strings team... Who do charity work recycling old instruments and sending them out to developing countries.
  • The Campaign for Real Events are bringing there stash of bicycle generators and activities for children to power up on and burn off the excess energy!
  • PA and 12v Power in the children's tent provided by The Druid Network
  • Last and not least there will be all the fun of the fair with various rides and attractions scattered around.
  • And oh yes, cant forget it... the Kids Talent Show!!! And of course the odd surprise thrown in too.

Other Attractions

  • Every year the goal of the KGF site decor team is to enhance the beauty of the natural environment in Canbury Gardens. Working with our own artistic influences we have re-used and recycled materials to create a magical and inspiring space. Our team grow and we now collaborate with more local artists who have contributed their thoughts and ideas to create murals and objet d'art.
  • Save The World Club's award-winning mosaic workshops bring alive the issues of graffiti, art, and urban regeneration. The accompanying Scrap Club, which is a magnet for toddlers and families, will include workshops on mask making, sculpture, waste tin art, papier mache, costume making and flag making. The message is waste is an interesting resource and art is multi-functional.
  • The Green Police will be patrolling to ensure we keep the Fair litter-free and fun! They take green information walkabout to the most innovative level, engaging in conversation with the public about the green rules of behaviour when out in the park at the event.
  • Professor Kayoss will be touring on his wacky bicycle-powered contraptions.
  • Freecycle Kingston will be be running a free exchange area to "recycle" that special something rather than throwing it away - whether it's a chair, a fax machine, piano or an old door, please feel free to bring it along or take it away.
  • Nick's working forge where fire, metal and force meld to form art and function.
  • Rhythms of Resistance - one of the UK's finest Afro Bloc / Samba bands - will be on walk about, drumming to the spirit of peaceful demonstration.
  • Bang On! - an energetic junk percussion duo who use a homemade drum kit to play funky beats and rhythmic treats.
  • Heatham House in Richmond is one of the busiest youth centres in the country, with over 2,500 members in the 14-19 age group. The centre offers a range of activities to young people in their leisure time, and will be showcasing some of their music and dance talents.
  • Eco-artist Heashin Kwak will exhibit interactive installation art. This progress based sculpture will be created and grown according to the public participation. The project is not only about raising the awareness of the issues, it is about taking action and encouraging everyone to do their bit... bring along some rubbish to be part of this exciting eco-art event!... great fun for children and promotes learning about polluted planet earth.
  • The utterly gravity defying Mystic Swing; a two minute mind melting journey into a frankly incredible sensation of disorientation.
  • Richard Cheston's hand cranked roundabout and swingboats.
  • Tony Alan and friend... eco-clowns with a purpose!
  • Rhythm Painting dynamic action art made with hands and feet while moving to Brazilian Capoeira rhythms to create a stunning visual performance.
  • Mark Derek, Professor of Balloonology.
  • Green Motor Sport will be showing their electric / fuel celled racing vehicles.
  • Yurdum Limited will be demonstrating bio-diesel systems.
  • Mick's magical yurt will be home to woodcraft workshops.
  • Jodie's Ooglee, a beautiful and unusual handcrafted tent, will be hosting Urban Shiatsu's 3 practitioners in the Healing Area.
  • Megabowl will be supporting the local community by raising money for local charity Save The World Club - they will have a Mobile Bowling Lane at the Fair, charging 50p a go to see if you can get a Strike!
  • Rainbow Wishing Well - a stained glass sculpture made by students of Simone Kay's adult education class at King Charles Centre, Surbiton as a group project. Throw in a coin and make a wish! Donations will be going to Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, and The World Development Movement.

Thanks to our Partners & Supporters

We are proud of our service to the community and thank all our members and supporters who work so hard to make each Fair a special success. In particular, thanks to: