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Programme for 31 May 2004

In addition to the many art stalls, cafes, community groups, informative demonstrations, and relaxing spaces, we also have entertainment for adults and kids. All this, and more, powered by pedal and sun!

Quick links to information in this section: Green Stage, World Music Stage, Mandala Peace Stage, Speakers Forum, Sacred Dance Devotional Music, Future Generation Education, Activities for Kids, Other Attractions.

A popup site map is available. You can also have a look at what we had on offer in 2003, 2005, and 2006, as well as our current programme.

Tadpole Green Stage

Based in the fabulous Tadpole marquee, technical wizards Coltech bring the finest in renewable DIY sound equipment for benefit of our ears.

  • Event Horizon (12:00) - local school kids make good with their first ever gig.
  • By Product (12:30) - Kingston's Drum and Bass Dub Heroes.
  • The Intelligence Men (13:15) - South West London based band playing 60's influenced alternative rock.
  • Standing Stone (14:10) - mostly acoustic (unplugged) original compositions as well as a few classic covers from the likes of Page and Plant. Using mandolin 6+12 string guitars, hand percussion and penny whistle.
  • The Martin Harley Band (14:50) - Since of the release of Martins debut album, audiences have been packed into venues. With a blend of cool skiffle and acoustic blues this gig promises to be more than a special occasion.
  • Mooks of Hazard (15.40) - Guildford and London based country hip-hop act who have been going only a short while. Rousing audiences with their aggressive style and songs, which tell tales you'd expect to hear on Jerry Springer (remember him?). Love and loss, then redemption through worldly means. All else fades to insignificance.
  • Little Egypt (17:00) - Fronted by Nic Rossi (son of Francis from Status Quo). The boys always put on a great live show and are both exciting and professional in their performances. They have gained a wealth of experience having toured with Quo and other bands.
  • Subgiant (18:30) - It's about sound, It's about being on stage and feeling that push of energy from the PA. It's about the cavernous depth of bassline against the scratch of vinyl. It's about sound and movement, making people move, in their minds or on their feet.

World Music Stage

Takes in groups and influences from around the globe, hosted by Daniel Spencer who will be playing World Beats in between acts.

  • Mosi Conde (12:30) - extraordinary Kora Player from Guinea. Plays Mandeka (Tribal Music) from West Africa. Mosi has played at Womad, for Nelson Mandala and the Queen on Commonwealth day 2003
  • A.M.A (13:30) - collective eclectic world gypsy band. Founded by individuals from Israel, Spain and England. The music is a fusion of sounds from around the world. "We express rhythm, dance, laughter, agony, frustration desire and FUN and the rest is up to you to judge. We've said enough!!"
  • The Djembabes (14:30) - first performance of Kingston's family drumtribe with children and adults.
  • Beyond The Beat (14:40) - Fronted by (son of Yardbirds drummer, Jim McCarty) Simon McCarty and Tom Morley (founder member of Scritti Politti). BTB is a lush sound of African four part harmonies, with exciting, uplifting Drumbeats (Djembe and Djoun) look out for the 'Hang song'.
  • MoMo (16:00) - Moroccan Roots combine with dance music on a global vibe. Momo succeed in fusing deep ethnic music drawn from Gnawa and Berber traditions with dance, techno and even deep house. As they play live over phat and club beats created from their own music.
  • Kangaroo Moon (17:20) - Green Fair favorites and festival veterans the Moon brings a combination of digeridoo virtuosity and hard-hitting pure folk rock. Joining the Moon for this gig will be Francis Firebrace, an aboriginal elder who now lives in Kingston - there's no one left untouched by this man's message, warmth and unique talent. Altogether trancy, richly melodic and dancey - a gig not to be missed.
  • Kissmet (18:20) - unique East/West fusion with elements of Indian Raags, chants and bhangra. Mixing them with Rock Funk and Reggae. Songs are in English, Punjabi and Hindi often changing tongues on the fly. Fronted by two Sikh brothers wearing their turbans with pride, they have taken the best from the east and west and are generating a safe platform for all to walk upon regardless of creed colour or religion. Kissmet belief that we are all one into one sound, ONE SOUND FOR EVERYONE.

Mandala Peace Stage

For more than 10 years, 24th Century Productions have contributed bands and stagecraft to projects which have ranged from running stages at urban free festivals to organizing performance rooms at multimedia events. Their wonderful Mandala Stage incorporates Dr. Barnett's Amazing Audio-Cyclonator (a bicycle-powered sound system).

  • Sean Taylor (12:00) - a must for anyone who loves low down dirty gritty vocals and equally unhinged guitars.
  • Tony Voller (12:45) - Tony Voller is a singer-songwriter with a history stretching back to the 80's and 90's, when he was a founder of bands Covenant and Groundswell, with whose members he still collaborates today. Accompanying himself on an acoustic guitar, he sings self-penned bitter-sweet songs of love & loss, as well as sliding in a few covers, such as He'd Be A Diamond by The Bevis Frond.
  • Davide Sanna (13:30) - Davide is a songwriter and instrumentalist. His musical journey starts in Sardinia. His earliest musical memories were of classical, Spanish and south American guitar styles. Ten years later his heroes were Bob Dylan and Richard Thompson, that's when it all came together.
  • Paspatou (14:20) - a four piece acoustic-roots-world fusion project based in Stamford, Lincolnshire. The music is a heady brew - an intoxicating infusion of global ingredients. It is cultural cut-up; stylistic stich-up; sonic osmosis; ethnic symbiosis; it is pan-traditional music for the 21st century.
  • Tony Heiburg Quartet (15:30) - New York Jazz Supremo. Tony has played with the greats, from Carlos Santana, Muddy Waters to p.m Dawn. Plays bebop, swing and even classical.
  • Martha Tilston (17:00) - the inimitable singer/songwriter of beautiful modern English folk. Martha was brought up in the songwriting tradition - her father Steve Tilston, a well respected song writer/performer and her step mother, folk singer Maggie Boyle, had a great influence on her musicality. She first appeared on the scene three years ago with Mouse - an acoustic duo, in which she played with Nick Marshall. Mouse gained huge respect and a dedicated following both in the underground festival scene and also the contemporary acoustic culture.
  • Nat Ripepi (18:00) - a regular feature in the Weston Australia Music scene. Nat is now based in the UK, with her stunning collection of crafted songs. Live she is dynamic. Her voice is strong in an Australian country rock way. This gig promises to be nothing short of fantastic.
  • Anomie (19:00) - a neo-psychedelic space rock band who mix the music of the cosmos and sound collage with a healthy layer of ambient chill-out. Anomie take you on a roller-coaster ride through your mind as they surf the supernova of heavy psych-guitar, thunderous pounding drums and awesome bass to ethereal cosmic synth bliss outs all wrapped in socio-aware themes of corruption and conspiracies.

Speakers Forum

In the current global upheavals, the Speakers Forum is essential in the facilitating dialogue between disparate groups.

  • Humar Malik (13:00) - a member of Kingston's Islamic Resource Centre, Humar will be talking about her experience of "Work in the Community"
  • Jeremy Seabrook (14:00) - writer and journalist will be expounding his views under the title "Racism is the Socialism of Fools".
  • Peter Tatchell (15:00) - socialist, gay and human rights campaigner (and recent Green Party member) will be speaking on "Human Rights Activistism".
  • Jean Lambert (16:00) - Member of Parliament for Europe will be speaking on the theme "How Green Is Europe?"

Sacred Dance and Devotional Music

This peaceful ambient area will be running performances throughout the afternoon. As it is a sacred space, we ask you to honour the "no smoking / no shoes" code.

  • Brahman Kumaris (12:30) - the food of the mind is thoughts. The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University offers us the opportunity to deepen our understanding of universal spiritual principles.
  • Sam Ng (12:30) - the renowned Eastern Mystical practitioner and Feng Shui expert, will be using his extremely rare faculty to perform what is known as "transformation". Sam's healing and feng shui work are concerned with the direct manipulation of energy [chi], so he is unconcerned with the better known feng shui practices of furniture placement or moving doors, etc. This is because Sam deals with the fundamental problem rather than any effects. Sam has been hailed has one of the three greatest energy healers in the world today.
  • Sanshu Chinese Arts (13:15) - Shifu Yang is a 34th generation Shaolin disciple and student of a monk from the Shaolin Temple in China. He will demonstrate the ancient Chinese arts of Chi Kung, Tai Chi and Wushu. Along with the demonstration there will be a discussion of the rich history and health promoting benefits of these arts.
  • Ishta (14:15) - Ishta's music expresses the spiritual journey and struggle for society, blending Indian and Western instruments.
  • Roshnii (15:15) - Devotional Singer / Song Writer will perform her own compositions and Kiirtan (Mantra Singing)
  • Jean Morningstar (16:15) - Jean lives on the road with her dog and horses; on her travels she collects what she calls folk songs in the most traditional sense. Jean's musical influences are drawn from many diverse sources. This is a rare performance by her and should not be missed.
  • Sam Ng (17:15) - see above.
  • Ishta (18:15) - see above

Future Generation Education

A new theme at this years event, this can be found next to the healing area and sacred dance and devotional music tent. Here you will find representatives from small schools, plus groups and individuals from the home school movement. How we choose to educate our children will have an impact on them for the rest of their life's, so it's well worth looking at all the options legally available.

  • Voices in the Wilderness U.K (13:30) - Gabriel Carlyle, joint co-ordinator VitW UK, will be giving a talk entitled "Why the occupation isn't ending: the bogus 30 June 'power transfer' in Iraq and what we can do about it". Since the mid nineties VitW have campaigned in the US and UK to end economic and military warfare, and more lately against the invasion of Iraq.
  • Women In Black (14:30) - a world wide network of women committed to peace and justice and actively opposed to injustice, war, militarism and other forms of violence. Not an organisation, but a means of mobilisation and a formula for action.
  • Terri Dowty (15:00) - The Children's Bill. Terri is a spokesperson for Action for the Rights of CHildren, the UK wide network of parents and young people committed to upholding the United Nations convention on the rights of the child. She is also the author of the book Free Range Education.
  • Leslie Safran Barson (16:00) - An Introduction to Home Education. Leslie is a long term home educator and founder of The Otherwise Club, a community centre for home educating families in NW London. She has written and lectured extensively on home education, and is currently completing a degree on how home education affects parents.
  • Didi Ananda Dayashiila (17:00) - Neo-Humanist Education. Didi is a volunteer at the spiritual/social group Ananda Marga. She will be talking a the fair on how education when received in a more humanistic and nurturing environment, helps the profound development of the child.

Activities For Kids

There are plenty of attractions all over the site that will be of interest to families and children alike. Entertainment, Creativity and plenty of Environmental Education will be found in all the areas. We also have some very special spaces just for the Kids:

  • Parachute Theatre Company - regulars at the Fair, ever popular and puppeteering superstars!
  • Jan's Blackboard Van - unique and creative graffiti galore.
  • Theatre Des Bicyclettes - comedy and clowning from Robbo the Clown and Jetset Jackie.
  • Pucks Bottom - an enchanting and ethereal tale of Midsummer Night's Dream using puppets and music, presented by Josh Elwell.
  • Maxifire the juggling supremo performing sensational street shows.
  • Acrobatics workshops from Gary and Maria of Brighton's Crowzone team.
  • London's Lets Face It team will be painting faces beautifully.
  • Meet the Dragons on Parade... there's "Elsie the Giant Black" and possibly "Snarg the Blue Ice dragon" if a cheeky bouncy Imp doesn't arrive instead!
  • Larks Crafts and Spam's Fun Fest will be providing recycling and crafty dressing up ready for the parade.
  • The South East Alternative Science Network will be showing you how to dismantle and recycle computer bits.
  • The Campaign for Real Events are bringing there stash of bicycle generators and activities for children to power up on and burn off the excess energy!
  • A toddlers play space this year organised at short notice by Lucy, as Wendy has broken a leg - poor Wendy :(
  • Last and not least there will be all the fun of the fair with various rides and attractions scattered around, and there's the unmissable the Kids Talent Show!!!

Other Attractions

  • Solariss Kantaris - acclaimed healer and trainer/performer of Raqs Sharqui (belly dance) will be demonstrating the theraputic art of dance at the Temple of Peace throughout the day.
  • Rhythms of Resistance - one of the UK's finest Afro Bloc / Samba bands - will be on walk about, drumming to the spirit of peaceful demonstration.
  • The Save the World Club Arts & Crafts Tent will be running workshops on the hour: Take part in the largest community mosaic in Kingston, make cards, sculpture, posters and decorations. Have fun!
  • Professor Kayoss will be touring on his wacky bicycle-powered contraptions.
  • The Myan calendar inspired Planet Art Network will be transforming the bandstand area into a beautiful intergalactic Temple of Peace.
  • Eco-artist Heashin Kwak will exhibit two interactive installation art by the tennis court. This progress based sculpture will be created and grown according to the public participation. The project is not only about raising the awareness of the issues, it is about taking action and encouraging everyone to do their bit... bring along some rubbish to be part of this exciting eco-art event! "Bottle Net-2" will exploit the basic properties of packaging waste which encourage the public to collect their own sculptural materials in the form of reclaimed bottles, cans and add them to the sculpture. "Waste Net" will be made by knitting plastic carrier bags into a large net... great fun for children and promotes learning about polluted planet earth.
  • Rainbow Wishing Well - a stained glass sculpture made by students of Simone Kay's adult education class at King Charles Centre, Surbiton as a group project. Throw in a coin and make a wish! Donations will be going to Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, and The World Development Movement.
  • Heatham House in Richmond is one of the busiest youth centres in the country, with over 2,500 members in the 14-19 age group. The centre offers a range of activities to young people in their leisure time, and will be showcasing some of their music and dance talents.
  • A working metal forge; Electric vehicles; Electric narrowboat; Rikshaws, trikes & bikes (including a Penny Farthing!); Mystic Swings; Teepees; Yurts; and much much more...