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Welcome to the 21st Kingston Green Fair

Friends & Fellow Citizens of the Planet Earth

Water shortages, global warming, soil depletion, chemical overload, energy crisis. There isn't a single day when the environment isn't top news in the world today. These are serious global issues, no longer the domain of so-called fringe groups, charities or small communities. The population of the entire planet has to be part of the solution if we are to survive the hazardous years ahead. That means everyone, but most especially YOU!

You are already part of the solution by your interest in this event. This shows that you have sympathy with the situation. But if you visit the Kingston Council exhibition and website on ecofootprinting you will become painfully aware yourself just how much work we have to do before the planet is safe for future generations. The average Londoner is using up to 5 planets' worth of resources. It is a crisis that cannot escalate further without major environmental impact.

This is a fundamental and core problem of the planetary crisis - our wasteful, dirty, unchallenged use of the best that the earth has to offer. In "normal" business we use these resources whilst polluting and paying low wages, destroying so much in order to squeeze the best "economic" deal from every situation. Reverence and respect for the Earth and what She produces for us is lost in an un-economic and illogical scramble to use up the earth as quickly as possible.

If you want to become part of the solution please do something to help. There are more than 100 green ideas at the Fair - please consider how many you could achieve with a little bit of effort. Please encourage yourself and your family to be even more planet friendly. We hope you will both enjoy yourself and become more informed, more educated, perhaps challenged and definitely more inspired.

We are proud to be in the forefront of events that challenge this norm to create a joined-up, sustainable, fairly-traded and resource-efficient show. The Fair has been in operation since 1987, attracting nearly 15,000 visitors each year making it the UK's most successful one-day green family event. We only use power from wind, sun and bicycles. We aim to promote sustainable technology, community empowerment, environmental solutions, fair trade, animal rights, and peace.

We expect you to be green with us too. That means not dropping litter or polluting the river (thank you). We have a fabulous day planned for you to enjoy with the whole family. Best of luck to you in your green adventure!

The Kingston Green Fair Collective