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A Green Eyed View of the Green Home Exhibition

This is a walk-through of the Green Home Exhibition briefly describing what you will find in each of its main areas.

  1. Entranceway
    • Environmental and fair trade carpeting and including Hessian mat walkway
    • Non-tropical hardwood door
    • Sustainable Wood furniture display
    • Paints and DIY materials
    • Solar doorbells to ring and set up to play with
  2. Home Energy
    • Home energy audit - staff to help explain and advise
    • Light Bulb Giveaway - each questionnaire answered gets an energy efficient bulb free
    • Best In London, home appliances display - Information showing the best energy efficient appliances . We expect to display items with energy rating details.
    • Renewable energy in the home - exhibition including solar panels, solar water heating
    • Green electricity - stand from a green electricity company
  3. Living Lightly
    • Reclaimed sofas from the Kingston Furniture project covered with gorgeous fairly-traded throws from Oxfam
    • Living room comfort area with low coffee tables, beautiful flowers and cushions with information & product samples
    • PEACHES Fair Trade Coffee Bar - sample coffee and fair trade teas, profits go to the Fair Trade group Traidcraft
    • Exhibition and display area to pick up literature
    • Green Library of most recommended books by top greens
    • Women's Environmental Network information and bookshop area
  4. Play, Rest & Sleep
    • Ecological bedroom furniture display, including a reclaimed bed and with an Oxfam mattress, Organic cotton bedclothes, linens
    • Teddy Bears and Wooden hand made toys
    • Clothing rack with assorted fair trade organic fabrics and clothing items, information labels instead of prices
  5. Green And Clean
    • Chemicals in the bathroom explained, green cleaner information with inexpensive green solutions for washing the bath, bicarbonate of soda cleaning competition
    • Non toxic alternatives samples for giveaways
    • Solar shower
    • Water Saving Display - Thames Water household water advice, Hippo brick giveaways
    • Green recycled paper toilet rolls, san-pro products and washable nappies
  6. Food & Kitchen
    • Assistants to go through typical kitchen rubbish with participants and help them to divide it up correctly and answer questions Council/waste operatives and to participate and advise, composting, separation of waste, re-use issues
    • Shelving units with displays of organic and fairtrade produce
    • Sample food items to nibble
    • Go Green - kitchen products and cleaners explained
    • Lists and examples for simple examples of saving energy in the kitchen, focus on correct kettle use, cooking with saucepans covered, pressure cookers and steaming
    • Lists of current information for Energy Use in the Home
  7. Other Exhibits
    • Foods Of The Planet - cookery talk/demonstration using raw food (including raw cocoa/chocolate).
    • Local home grown vegetables display - promoting allotments.
    • Lifestyle Exhibition from Kingston Council, Eco-footprinting explained.